One of the common recurring themes that Kevin noticed over time was the inability of anyone company to efficiently provide complete service on a given project.

  • Companies could provide valve mechanics, but not equipped with cranes.

  • Change out crews had tools but didn’t have breathing air to work in a sour environment.

  • Pipeline personnel had ATV’s but couldn’t perform anything more than simple maintenance because they couldn’t carry hoisting equipment or tooling.

“So customers carry the cost of having multiple contractors to perform a single task.”

REDCO Process & Production Services has the ability to do those tasks effectively and efficiently: our main service unit is equipped with a 4 ton crane, large CFM air compressor, generator and even has a heated enclosure to keep products from freezing. Our inventory of specialty tooling and equipment includes portable rotary screw air compressors, heli-skids, North Star Polaris tracked off road utility vehicle equipped with gin poles, Polaris 6 x 6 ATV’s and a long list of trailers and tooling.

We recognize that requirements for pipeline maintenance will be vastly different than that required for plant turnarounds. That recognition also comes from those 30 years of continuous experience!

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